Masipack’s Vertical Form Fill Seal Equipment Meets the Highest Quality Standards for Manufacturing.

Our unique vertical equipment is user-friendly for both operation and maintenance.

Ultra Plain

Ultra Plain

Ultra VS

Ultra VS

Ultra Fast

Ultra Fast

Ultra VS Twin

Ultra VS Twin

Ultra Fast Twin

Ultra Fast Twin

Ultra Bag

Ultra Bag

Ultra Series Standard and Optional Bag Chart:

Bag Styles: Ultra Series
Plain/Smart VS Fast VS Twin VS Fast 3D Sachet
Pillow Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Gusseted Optional Optional Optional
Coffee Valve Optional
3D Bag Yes
Sachet Yes
Poly Optional Optional


Pillow Bag Configuration Chart:

Pillow Bag Width: Min: Max:
250 Plain 2” 9 ¾”
VS 2” 9 ¾”
Fast 2” 9 ¾”
300 Smart 2” 11 ¾”
VS 2” 11 ¾”
400 VS 6” 15 ¾”
450 VS 6 ½” 17 ½”
Pillow Bag Width: Fast
Plain Smart
250 300 400 450
Min: 2” 2”
Max: 9 ¾” 11 ¾”


Ultra Series Highlights:

  • Pneumatic Driven Horizontal and Vertical Sealing Jaws
  • Perfect Solution for Entry-Level Businesses
  • Low-Cost with the same High-Quality
  • Servo Motor Driven Horizontal Sealing Jaw
  • Flexibility as its Best
  • Continuous Motion
  • High Speed
  • Perfect Solution for a Dedicated Production Line

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