New Trends & Technology: Pharmaceutical Serialization and Track & Trace

Author: Rodrigo Sanchez Content provided by Ian McDonald, Electronic Engineer at Masipack What is the Difference Between Pharmaceutical Serialization and Track & Trace? Pharmaceutical serialization is the application of a unique identifier (UID) to each product produced. The regulations vary from country to country, with some requiring each unit dose to be serialized, and other […]

How to Prepare for a Packaging Trade Show

Visiting a packaging trade show can be fun and productive, or it can be a boring waste of time. Without a game plan, the show will be overwhelming. You will be overloaded with information and not know how to begin processing it. You will not know where to focus your attention, which will result in the […]

Masipack Unveiling 2017 Equipment Line

Masipack is excited to unveil our 2017 equipment line at PACK EXPO International 2016. Our new equipment contains the latest technology and enhanced operational safety features. It provides ultimate flexibility and high-quality performance, and is operator- and maintenance-friendly. Our equipment proves that it is possible to have a completely integrated and automated solution for the entire product […]

When Should I Purchase an Industrial Packaging Machine?

How big does my company have to be before an industrial packaging machine starts to make sense? We talked in previous posts about how industrial packaging machines can bring a series of benefits to a company, especially when compared to hand packing. Benefits included more visually appealing packages, more precise weighing, less labor, and increased speed, […]

Vertical Packaging Machine vs. Horizontal Packaging Machine: What to Know Before You Purchase

What’s the difference between vertical and horizontal packaging machines? Believe it or not, the difference is actually as obvious as it sounds. A vertical packaging machine is basically a bagger that makes the bag for vertically packaged products, and a horizontal packaging machine makes the bags for products packaged horizontally. When thinking about your primary […]

Is Used Packaging Equipment Right for Your Business?

Who should buy used packaging equipment? You are a good candidate for used machinery if your product and packaging needs are pretty standard, or generic; buying a machine that was previously used for producing an identical or very similar product might work out for you. However, if your product does not fit this bill, it […]

Packed and Ready to Go: Benefits of Purchasing Packaging Machinery

Masipack North America Brazil

What are the benefits of purchasing packaging machinery? Investing in packaging machinery has numerous benefits for your company’s production process. The ultimate goal of this type of investment is to realize increased product sales. This occurs with the uniform packages that are produced at a higher rate as a result of automation. Utilizing packaging machinery […]

Join us at Pack Expo International 2016 in Chicago, IL!

Masipack is pleased to announce our presence at this year’s PACK EXPO International. We are also pleased to announce the release of our newly redesigned, state-of-the-art equipment line that will be on display. Our technical sales team is enthusiastic about demonstrating this latest equipment and our industry know-how. PACK EXPO International will be held November […]

Masipack North America Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary!

2016 marks an important milestone for Masipack North America – its 10th Anniversary! Over the past 10 years, Masipack North America has continued to grow alongside its clients with the dedication of its staff in Orlando, FL and colleagues in Brazil. A leading innovator in the packaging technology industry, Masipack challenges itself every day to […]

Masipack Aftersales Support

Masipack North America is proud to serve our customers in the United States and throughout North America and the Caribbean. Not only will we walk you through the sales process to ensure you have the best solution for your product, but we are here to support you throughout the life of your equipment. Proper maintenance […]

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